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See Your Catalog With New Clarity!

Good catalog content is critical to running efficiently and maximizing the bottom line. Poor content results in lost profits, excess returns, increased labor and shipping costs, and ultimately, lost customers.  Let PM2 apply our broad industry and product knowledge to your catalog content needs so you can begin to realize the profits you deserve. 

Competitive Product Research

Sometimes only human knowledge and reasoning can get the job done.  Computerized programs just can’t see what isn’t there.  PM2 utilizes expertise derived from years of hands on industry experience to gather the facts needed so you can make information based decisions with confidence.  


UNSPSC coding is one vehicle that government entities use to track spending.  There is an art to determining these codes, one requiring specialized decision making and thought processes.  PM2 has extensive experience associating products with the right UNSPSC codes.  Let us help you get your catalog UNSPSC coded so you can begin reaping the rewards.

Cross Referencing

Whether you are combining data from two different systems, associating your customer’s buying information with your product line, or any number of other reasons you might be cross referencing data, it is critical to have extensive product knowledge to get good matches.  PM2 personnel have deep and rich product knowledge gained from years of hands-on experience.  Let us apply that knowledge to your cross referencing needs. 

Attribute Ranking And Validation

Is the content in your catalog relevant?  Are you highlighting the right attributes?  Is your information up to date?  Is it in synch with the way the rest of the market views or presents each commodity or item?  Is it consistent with the manufacturer’s information?  Weakness in any one of these areas will cost you sales.  Let PM2 bring our considerable product and industry knowledge to bear as we review, rank, and/or validate your catalog content.   

Catalog Content Build

PM2 can enrich and standardize your current catalog or build you one from scratch.  Poor catalog content costs you money.  When a customer;

  • Can’t find the products they need  ----   they buy somewhere else
  • Can’t determine which item is the one they need due to lack of data ----- they buy somewhere else, make a guess and return it if  it’s wrong, or consume excessive amounts of your customer service person’s time as they help make the determination
  • Consistently orders wrong items  -----  they return them and may or may not reorder from you

Good catalog content is critical.  Let PM2 help you see your catalog content through the eyes of your customers who rely on it.  With this clear vision, we can make the improvements that will reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, lead to higher customer retention, and improve your bottom line.

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