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On Track Trains Employees to Keep the Process Successful

A good process needs trained and committed people to implement and control it. With PM2 On Track, we provide the tools your organization needs to keep your inventory management system running smoothly. That means we train your team—or we manage it for you. Either way, you continue to realize the benefits of your new and improved process. The essence of PM2 On Track is to create a self-directed, high performance work team within your organization. To accomplish this we Educate, Empower, and Equip those who use the inventory process, which ultimately allows them to Excel in performance and efficiency.

On Track training helps the team shift from compliance to commitment. Team members quickly break out of old paradigms and start to manage conversations—rather than people. The new environment has these characteristics:

  • Commitment to a vision with which team members are aligned
  • Organizational commitment to coaching and support
  • Openness to conversations about setbacks and problems
  • Recognition of intelligent risk-taking
  • Acceptance of responsibility for the enterprise
  • Avoidance of political behavior

Give your new inventory platform the best chance for success with On Track by PM2. Contact us today!

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