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Dispensing Machine Set Up  

More and more businesses are choosing dispensing machines as part of their inventory management strategy.   In response to this, distributors and suppliers of dispensing equipment are experiencing increased demand.   PM2 has years of experience installing, designing, and loading vending solutions for a multitude of industries ranging from hospitals to automobile manufacturers. 

PM2 will review the size, volume, demand, security requirements, and replenishment timing when designing a vending solution.  We can recommend which vending solution is best for your needs or optimize a solution that is already in place.  PM2 offers turnkey services that can help get you up and running quickly.

Bar Code Implementation


PM2 partners with industry leading providers of bar coding products, including scanners, labels, and printers.  We will work with these partners to help determine the right product mix for your environment, usage, and budget.  We are also available to facilitate implementation by being onsite subject matter experts for the installing partner, predicting and removing common roadblocks, and using our experience to prevent costly mistakes before they blow your timeline and budget.

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