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Storeroom Management, Done Differently!

A well managed warehouse is critical to controlling costs at the point of entry and driving savings over the long term. PM2 will organize your warehouse so it can operate with optimal efficiency, then you choose whether to manage it yourself or hire us to manage it for you.

Do not confuse PM2 storeroom management with that of a traditional integrated supplier. For over ten years, we have listened to our customer’s requests for warehouse management done differently, and now we are making this service available. What’s different? 

PM2 Storeroom Management

  • You own the inventory
  • Management fee only
  • PM2 leverages your buying power
  • PM2 works with your system
  • Flexible, customized program
  • Full Service
  • Comprehensive Reporting

You own the inventory, PM2 manages it.

For years our customers have told us they want to spend their time doing the things they do best. Rarely does that include managing an MRO warehouse full of parts. They would love to outsource the management of the warehouse, but are not as thrilled with the prospect of losing control and ownership of their inventory. We heard them loud and clear. In our version of integrated supply, you own the product; PM2 manages the warehouse. You do what you do best and we will do what we do best. It’s a winning combination.

You only pay for the services PM2 provides.

In the PM2 version of integrated supply, you only pay for the services you receive. Since you own the inventory, there are no product sales or product buy backs, and therefore, no product mark ups. The only fees are for the services you choose to have PM2 perform. 

PM2 will leverage YOUR buying power.

If you choose to have PM2 provide procurement services (and yes, it is your option to have PM2 perform this service or to continue to perform it yourself), PM2 will work with you to develop a procurement and supplier strategy (because we all know it’s about so much more than price alone once you see the big picture). PM2 will then match that strategy with the buying power your company has been establishing for years. At PM2, we recognize the value of the goodwill and excellent vendor relationships you have established over time and would want to capitalize on them for your benefit. Why not harness that power and make it work for you?

PM2 will manage your warehouse using your system or PM2 Control Center.

Again, this feature was born out of the frustration of our customers who were forced to learn a new computer system or to operate with two different systems that don’t talk to each other. Neither of these options is optimal. PM2 will either work within the system you already own or we will integrate our PM2 Control Center to your system. In other words, we will adapt to you rather than forcing you to adapt to us. 

PM2 offers a flexible program customized to fit your needs.

PM2 offers choices. We will design a program based on meeting your objectives, as opposed to fitting your objectives into our program. That plan is then further customized as we match your wants and needs against your constraints, such as time and budget. The end result is a realistic plan to gain REAL CONTROL and experience REAL SAVINGS. 

PM2 is a full service warehouse management company.

PM2 provides a full array of services that can set you on a solid path that starts where you are today and leads you to where you want to be in the future. When PM2 manages your warehouse, we focus on more than just piece price savings. Our primary focus on operational efficiencies exposes opportunities for significant savings often overlooked and rarely recovered without applied expertise and concentrated effort. Let PM2 set up, manage, and maintain your inventory, as well as the processes that optimize efficiency and drive out costs. Start realizing the benefits of an efficiently run warehouse sooner with PM2.

PM2 provides comprehensive reporting.

PM2 provides easy and reliable reporting. A wealth of information is right at your fingertips. PM2 provides you with the reporting you need to make knowledge based decisions with confidence. 

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